Your Desire & Time (Be In The Top 1%)

We’re told often the long hours that we do aren’t healthy and could lead to burn-out. Then the conversation moves to work-life balance and finally, what about your loved ones and don’t they need your attention?

I do not judge, but to be the best at what you do, comes down to a ridiculous amount of hard work and sharing the passion, reasoning and formulating a collective strategy, with those that you love.

It starts with what you want and why.

If you want greatness (whatever that means), then if the journey isn’t going according to plan, please don’t whine if you’re not putting in the hours and 100% leading by example. No one, and that’s No One is born a “master at what they do”. It takes many, many hours of hard work.

Trying, failing, adjusting and slowly reaching that level of mastery, in order to satisfy that deep-down desire to be the best at what you do.

They say it’s many hours of intense focus and practice to become the best at what you do.

It comes down to Desire & Time!

Famous Masters

There have been masters of their craft over the years and it is one of the great authors of our time, Robert Greene ( who studied their strategies in achieving individual mastery. He described them as so developed in their craft, that after so much experience and practice these masters felt like they were above the daily fight, looking down.

What he found was a superior vision and intelligence resulting from a process that could only be described as one that transcended their field and related to how the human brain operates.

As an example, by the time Mozart was nine years old he had already put in over 10,000 hours of work. He had found his passion, his obsession and done as much work of that of someone well advanced through their 20s. He had the Desire & took the Time!

Take your deep rooted desire and translate it into an obsession and focus, multiply it over time and you can master anything: Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs etc. all were obsessed over many years, accumulating incredibly deep knowledge in their fields. It was this experience over many, many hours/years and thinking on the same problems that led to them mastering something intangible.

That formula creates great people, no matter the field.

Steps To Greatness

We’ve all heard it before; “do what you love to do”, “find your passion”, “find what you love and you’ll never work another day”.

When you enter a new business world or you’re young, the chances are, you don’t know yet what you love and so it’s always best to start out as a “jack of all trades” within a certain sector.

Taste, try, explore and find your niche and then you’ll…..

When you’ve tasted or tried the various facets of your new sector, then and only then will you become emotionally and personally engaged at a level beyond that of intellect. It’s a deep commitment to the subject, and the “market/customer problem” that is essential in maintaining the grind of long hours and failure as you rise to the top.

Without that, you’ll never maintain the energy, persistence and patience required. Without it, first you’ll start to reduce your hours, then you’ll become weak willed and finally you’ll give up!

Nothing and they repeat, “Nothing” beats the school of life. Of course, reading, training and listening to others always offers a little short-term boost of motivation and occasionally the single tip, but nothing beats the doing.

It was Henry Ford whose first two Automotive companies that failed. The desire for failure is “querkily” a good trait. It is how you’ll learn fast. Humans learn best through going out into the world, failing and learning — never by being told!

You have to practice, practice, practice even more than you think about practicing. You can read, you can watch and listen to others to point you in the right direction, but you have to DO.


Having found what you love and jumped into the “ring”, now you must find your talent before you get knocked-out!

Explore your abilities, attention spans, times of the day when you’re most explosive, when you need to take a break and so on. Test your skills, blend approaches, and keep on trying everything that comes to mind so you can best understand your own potential.

To be the best there is at what you do, you have to focus on the nuances of your craft and forget chasing the money, validation and rewards and instead compare your skills to others and gaining the micro wins.

You must spend all your time in developing your skills.

Think of how many people out there with one year’s experience several times over? It’s because they refused to be self-aware and self-develop in order to be the best at what they do.

When you first start out, be that in the new sector or as a youngster, forget about the dollar and focus on learning. You’ll learn (by doing) far more than you could earn in those first few years. You’ll be formulating your strategy and paying the bills. You’ll be preparing yourself in those early rounds for the big fight. You’ll be honing your skills, your craft.

As you begin to rise, there will 1st be cynics (better known as haters), who’ll spend their time belittling your efforts and your approach. They’ll tell others they know better and occasionally they’ll tell you to your face.

As was once said to me, there’s two ways to build the biggest building; either build the biggest building or tear down all the others so that yours is now the tallest and in life people are the same.

Your job is to build the biggest building and to always, always do the right thing by others. People will “hate” you, create road blocks, try to trip you, but come what may as you believe in what you’re doing, you must be relentless in the journey in your quest to being the best at what you do….The Top 1%

Be The Best @ What You Do!

Love to hear from you


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