What is Cloud PLM?

Difficulty deciding how to use Cloud PLM

So what is Cloud?

The types of Cloud PLM

  • Public clouds are systems that are shared by multiple users with no control over the decision to who is their fellow users.
  • Private clouds are systems available for the sole benefit of a single company/entity where cloud data is secure and protected.
  • Community clouds where only specially selected companies with common or related goals participate in the system (like partners, channels, supply/design chain, for instance).
  • Hybrid clouds where a private cloud can extend onto a public cloud for specific activities and on an as-need basis. The benefit of a hybrid approach that incorporates a public cloud is that it provides extra performance scalability for the private cloud that would be in use.

Cloud PLM Services

PLM harnesses the power of the Cloud

1. Cloud PLM: The need for speed in the 4IR

  • A total view of your entire product development process in one snapshot.
  • Detailed control over every part of your product design.
  • Real-time, uniform data across your entire supply chain.

2. Implementing an end-to-end PLM now lays the groundwork for future growth

  • A cross ecosystem communication solution like no other, totally focused on delivering world-class design and new products
  • A single source of real-time truth across your entire value chain with varying degrees of access authority levels
  • Automation spread throughout your business processes, helping to minimize errors and eradicate duplication of effort

3. Affordable Cloud PLM

Your agility allows you to lead, never follow

Competitive landscape



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