The PLM Opportunity in the 4IR

You really need to know why you do what you do, so that it drives you

Back in early 2018, I was attending various Industry4.0 conferences when it dawned on me. I was surrounded by guys who were really excited about IoT, BigData, Analytics & the possibilities of the Digital Twin. But then it dawned on me:

It really made sense when you connected it all through PLM & MOM application layers.

But then I realized, most continued to see PLM as boring & that’d really never taken-off in the 90s

But for many years, I had always seen a lack of appreciation of the connection between PLM & the exciting world of Product Innovation & here we were with technology embedding itself in everything, data extracting, & the futuristic world of AI starting to be a reality

This could be it — it could be a new wave of innovation propelled by rapidly evolving, lower cost technologies & uncompromising demands from us, the consumer for personalization, smarter products, delivered faster.

Could this be it?

A massive wave of NPI, utilizing new collaborative design platforms & the many opportunities for a guy like me who loves to build collaboration internationally.

From talent sourcing, to implementation support to training & education of systems installation & their use.

What a world lies ahead

Love it


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