The Covid-19 Impact On Mobility

A return to public transport?

The buying experience

Good News for the BEV

Other Transport

Autonomous Public Transport

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Customer experience improvement through digital assistants
  2. Optimization of operational efficiency through predictive analysis of mobility demand
  3. Autonomous dispatching and operations to better meet the increasing demand and dynamic environmental changes
  4. Effective preventive maintenance operations
  5. Preventive safety and security management using AI powered video analytics.

Kerb-side Operations


  • With software and high tech becoming more important to vehicles, automakers are increasingly looking for new pools of talent and an innovative R&D model. Of course. this is I/we come in — provisioning some of the greatest innovation, design and manufacturing talent for the ACES Revolution (Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Subscription Vehicles)
  • 5G technology, with its superior speed, latency, reliability, and power consumption for handsets and IoT devices, has recently become mainstream in many sectors, and there are interesting use cases related to mobility.
  • Quantum computing could assist with many steps across the automotive value chain as suppliers, OEMs, dealerships, and others take advantage of its power.
  • and one of my favorites — Urban air mobility is becoming more cost-competitive and could offer new mobility options, provided that sufficient pilots are available.

It takes Talent, Teamwork & Change!



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