A member of my team turned to me this week and asked why I do what I do? What it is that motivates me each day?

Because I’m old, I’ve often asked myself that question and through the years the answer has been different and perhaps in the past I’ve fooled myself into another answer, but over time the “truth will out”.

There’s no point in trying to convince yourself it’s for one reason when it’s another, because you’ll end up doing the wrong job and it’ll feel like a jail sentence. You need to be self-aware.

Without hesitation, I answered him “because I know I’m making a real difference to some of the greatest and biggest companies in the world!”

Knowing that without the great people that I provide to organisations and projects, some of largest enterprises will be unable to deliver their business transformations, gets me up with a new energy every morning.

Be Different

Today’s world is changing so fast and I’m enthralled with where it’s going.

The large enterprises are protecting their positions but they know they have to go on the offense. They’re looking inward and trying to manage cost efficiencies and productivity while at the same time trying to think of new products or services.

Meanwhile the competition and the start-ups are threatening their position in the market.

I only know one way to build businesses and that’s to find your niche, become the expert and be different. Being different gets attention, but attention without expertise is like marketing without a product!

Know Your Product

As a recruiter / “headhunter”, you might think, in fact more likely you’ve experienced very little product knowledge and therefore understanding of what you do, never mind your business?

To me, that’s wrong! How can i hope to find great people or great projects if I can’t empathize with you and your situation. How can i understand what really motivates you and therefore help you achieve your goals, unless I understand what you do?

Low Supply & High Demand Market

Business Transformation 4.0 or transforming your business for the 4th Industrial Revolution is an every growing market and fundamental to this is the need to deliver smarter, more personalized products in a faster time.

My market core is Product Innovation and its full lifecycle management. It’s a long-standing area of business utilizing the latest Industry 4.0 technologies combined with Product Innovation Platforms and its today a very niche sector that’s set to grow massively.

Being part of some of the latest and “coolest” products and ways of doing business is “making a difference” in this world!

Give It All You’ve Got

This week, someone said to me that perhaps I put too much into something that wasn’t certain, such as a new project that wasn’t yet signed off. You see, I don’t know any other way to work — I don’t know how to “dip my toe in the water”or to do just enough.

When someone asks for my help and puts their trust in me, I have to jump in with both feet. Perhaps if I only did 9 to 5, then I may have to be more ruthless, but I don’t and never will until the day I die. It means I make time to give it my all, even if it’s a gamble that might not pay off.

Give it all you’ve got or don’t do it all!

Have a great day and thanks for taking time-out to read my little rant for the day

All the best, Andrew


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