10,000hrs? 20,000? Hours of hard work to be the expert?

It’s what they say

But to be the best, it’s many many more

We’re told often the long hours that we do aren’t healthy & could lead to burn-out. Then the conversation moves to work-life balance & finally, what about your loved ones & don’t they need your attention?

I do not judge, but to be the best at what you do, comes down to a ridiculous amount of hard work & sharing the passion, reasoning & formulating a collective strategy, with those that you love

It starts with what you want & why

How can you be happy in your personal life unless the largest amount of your life’s time is spent (that’s your career), doing what you love?

If you want greatness (whatever that means), then if the journey isn’t going according to plan, please don’t whine if you’re not putting in the hours and 100% leading by example. No one, & that’s No One is born a “master at what they do”. It takes many, many hours of hard work

Trying, failing, adjusting & slowly reaching that level of mastery, in order to satisfy that deep-down desire to be the best at what you do

They say it’s many hours (10,000? 20,000?) of intense focus and practice to become the best at what you do — being in the trenches

It comes down to Desire & Time!

All the best, Andrew

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