Buy an Electric Vehicle: Covid-19 has show us the damage we’re having on our planet

If nothing else, Covid-19 has shown us how much we’re damaging our planet and now is the time to take an extra step, to do our piece in our personal consumerism world.

#1 how we move around for 99% of our lives

So, we can all stop traveling using fuel and all start walking/cycling, can’t we?

Analysis is paralysis

Let me remind you; Environmental resource economist Marshall Burke calculates that two months of pollution reduction in China has probably saved the lives of 4,000 children under five and 73,000 adults over 70 (which would otherwise have been affected by high levels of pollution).

Battery range?

Most EV’s are 250 miles plus and now in most countries there are more charging points than there are gas stations.

  • Drives 29 miles a day

Well to Wheel environmentalism

This is currently the biggest argument against EVs.

Let’s talk production

Manufacturing an EV is more complex and costly and uses more power! It doesn’t tip the balance between ICE on the road versus EV, but it is nevertheless a weakness in the argument.

The Big One — the Battery

First-up it’s been the inability to recycle batteries, while ICE Vehicles meanwhile, certainly in the US have reached 95% total recycling, which is admirable.

A step in the right direction

While we argue another technology is better than EV, or that the EV isn’t as great as we think it is, Covid-19 has shown time is passing, while we continue to burn fossil fuels to the detriment of our planet.

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