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  • Amit Thakur

    Amit Thakur

    Created and conducted successful Data-driven Digital Marketing Campaigns | Computer Engineer | B2B Digital Marketer | Mobile App Marketing @ChannelTweeter

  • Jaekwon Kevin Song

    Jaekwon Kevin Song

  • K Kid

    K Kid

  • Jonatan Aguiar

    Jonatan Aguiar

    Entusiasta de metodologias ágeis. Gremista.

  • Quick Release

    Quick Release

    We’re product data professionals helping automotive companies get better products to market, faster, to meet the growing demands of the world.

  • Vinay Jirgale

    Vinay Jirgale

    Software Engineer, vivid reader, sports lover and father of a young son

  • Zeynep Kardelen Öztürk

    Zeynep Kardelen Öztürk

  • Ernest Tanson

    Ernest Tanson

    Technologist, Consultant, Emerging Markets and Finance Professional.

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