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Andrew Sparrow
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My Digital Transformation business started seriously just over a year ago and we’re this week pushing it to a new level of excitement with the step-up in staffing particularly for building our Content Channel on LinkedIn….we call it DTV (Digital Transformation TV — over time, full of value-added content for Industry4.0 Best Practice & Personal Development)

This week, new people in the business means firmly establishing the culture built upon the correct moral compass in order to keep us on the “straight & narrow”.

Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do!

Why is doing the right thing, the right thing to do?

Allow me a couple of minutes to put some context around my thinking. When I was first introduced to Industy4.0, I set out on my quest to immerse myself in everything I could find. I scoured the internet, attended conferences, listened to podcasts, read numerous articles, wrote and still do, but none of it really had the same impact as human interaction and the advice I’ve been lucky enough to have been given by many great and focused people.

When I realised this, it dawned on me, I had to build a collaborative community that shared best practice. A community that leveraged our unique creativity, emotions, and subtlety of communication. There’s no doubt there are cultural nuances across the world, but that basic human trait of the desire for fulfillment by helping others sits within us all.

Several months ago, that desire to bring people together started.

It’s already in a very short period of time been fascinating to compare how reserved people are, however slowly but surely people are starting to share and to help each other within the realms of the community.

As a result, I am about to move our community to a new level, with the hiring of our new Content Manager, Tiffany. She’s passionate, energetic and determined to build the platform, the knowledge and to bring people together.

But 1st, it’s critical she’s reminded of our values surrounding “doing the right thing” always and to think long-term. No gimmicks, no games, just solid content sharing that entertains, adds value to our community’s day. Her task is to build what we call *DTV (Digital Transformation TV).

*An online channel full of Digital Transformation content and best practice for our community to enjoy and benefit from. I am so excited to take us to the next level and hope you’ll enjoy what’s about to happen.

It Pays Well

I remember as a kid watching the drama of the soap operas and quickly observed that the bad guy who had a naughty secret was without fail always found out in the end. The same has always been the case for business. You can’t ultimately get away with dong the wrong thing. Doing the right thing pays well.

There are no short-cuts in business! When you first enter a new business world, you can be fooled into thinking there are, because now with the data / digital economy there are several young billionaires, but even they know there are no shortcuts. They are the “Mozarts” of our generation; the ones that put in many many hours, finding the right way.

As we look back over the years, it’s clear to see there are three types of business people; the unsuccessful, the short-term successful and those who realise and retain succcess and the one big difference across them all is “Character”

And so, when my new lady Tiffany starts this Monday, one of the first things I will mutter is “just do the right thing, never take the short-cut, and focus on the long-term lasting value”.

I will tell her that you can’t find happiness by hoping for it, nor can we be profitable by relentlessly pursuing it, but instead we must pursue creation, the creation of amazing products (called our “candidates” and “clients”…..more of that another time!), deliverance of incredible service through adding value every day to our customer’s life/day and ultimately helping them all achieve their professional goals.

Stop Talking & Start “Doing The Right Thing”

I know and many people will support me when I say that doing the right thing pays off for everyone and everything that is good in this world.

Doing the right thing for the customer, society, business profitability and personal success is 100% synergistic. It’s just that the syntax is critical and it takes trust in the process and sometimes endless patience.

Over the years, it’s been a great honour to receive some solid guidance in building businesses built on good moral values:

Strong Long-term Ethics

You must lead from the front, and balance immediate-term firefighting, short-term goals together with the understanding that a business is built on well-trained, highly motivated people first and all as part of the good moral compass.

Give them training, education and a forum for over-communication.

When the ship is sailing , the people / the staff running the ship need to be your #1 priority, otherwise your passengers (the customers) will be very unhappy if the engines, kitchens, navigation, cleaning etc stops!

Setting High Standards

As the captain of the business “ship”, you have to decide whether you’re the captain of a barge, a cruise line, a speed boat etc and ensure your team knows it is that you’re building and sailing.

Once you’ve decided, it helps you decide what’s only good enough in terms of product quality, team satisfaction, social responsibilities and customer service.

Setting the right tone and defining those ethical guidelines is the first stage of your leadership and reinforcing those remains throughout the journey. You’ll be constantly coaching communication, motivation, recognition and accountability.

I am so excited for us to bring DTV to the Social Media World, build on “good old fashioned values” of doing the right thing always.

There will be times that people will find us overly persistent in pushing the collaboration, and pushing for feedback but we will remain steadfast in our pursuit for an Industry4.0 Collaborative Community to the benefit of all concerned.

Always love to hear from you

My best wishes, Andrew

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