Blending my enthusiasm of re-finding the place of my birth and all that comes with it, together with my evolved “put it out there early on” approach, reminds me I’m a bit of a foreigner in my own country. After all these years, there remains a long-standing British reserve and sometimes I do forget!

Being back home in the UK, is amazing. If you ever get the chance to go away from home for several years (errr and for the right reason!) then do it, because when you come home, you will feel so alive again.

You Can’t Please Everyone All Of The Time

We’ve heard this so many times, but it’s human nature to want to be liked. But why would you want to be liked by anyone who has different values and beliefs? Just for the short-term dollar?

  1. Be the best at what you do
  2. Give it all you got 24 x 7
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  4. & always, always do the right thing for the long-term

Always Be You

As long as you’re doing the right thing for the long-term, never short-term then you know you’re on the right path.


When you know yourself and what you’re values are, you will enjoy everyday. Without knowing yourself and what you stand for, it is so easy to be pushed around and end up on the wrong path, not on the journey to where you want to be.

Building The Foundation

When you are able to have a solid foundation of being you, you have built your ship and ready to set out on the most exciting of journeys in life. The journey of going where you want to go. Yes there will be events that will take you off course, however as long as you know who you are and your values, you will veer back to go in the right direction.

Be Strong

It takes incredible will power to stay true to you. It takes courage to front up to rejection and to keep going. But to know you’re doing the right things always, makes it easy to get back up, stay on the right path.

The Hustle

Years of experience have taught me patience. I know deep down that I will not retire until I’m into my 80s, as I believe in what I do and love it too. I know people are out there with the same values and it’s just a mater of time in finding them.


When you are you, you are more likely to have focus and direction in your life.

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