Before They Kill Us All, Let’s Innovate!

Before The Robots Kill Us All

Collaboration within

Rule #1 — Self Aware:

Rule #2 — Ecosystem-wide:

Rule #3 — New Energy:

Rule #4 — Be Patient

Rule #5 — Fail Fast, Learn Quicker

Making It Happen — The Future Vision

Better than the rest

Collaboration Outside In


  • Faster Innovation. Companies that are built for speed often realize first-mover advantages; they are able to react more quickly to competitors’ moves or market shifts with their own product innovations.
  • Lower Development Costs. Streamlined processes, limited iterations, and reduced slack release financial and operating resources for other value-adding activities.
  • Larger Market Share. A product that gets to market early is less likely to face initial competition. A quick introduction also gives a product more time to build market share before it declines into a commodity.
  • Greater Forecasting Accuracy. Because the time between product design and product release is shorter, executives may be more willing to green-light trendy products that would otherwise be denied.



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