Banking Is No Longer Cool — Product Innovation Is Where It’s At!

There was a time when a job in banking was the cool place to be and the UK has been for many years a staunch advocate of the sector, but today with…..wait for it…..yes dare I say it: BREXIT threatening the UK’s and the Financial City’s prominence as the European and maybe Global centre of Banking there are many more opportunities today to be “cool”

Finding out what your B2C & B2B Customer Wants and Expects!

Combine uncertainty with a massive change in B2C and B2B Customer expectations surrounding products and services and you start to see what needs to drive our economies.

The ground is shifting and it has been for a number of years now. Thank goodness Large Enterprise is starting to look to compete offensively/positively through the innovation and creation of new products, before the Amazons, Facebooks and the new, agile and lean start-ups of this world consume them.

Macro-economic collapses, over-leveraging, cheap money and focus on the quick-buck should teach us over the years that deeply rooted, high quality businesses built on great products is the place to be.

A 4IR Mindset Shift

Not so long ago it had become clear graduates from some of the leading schools were moving away from a desire to enter the world of banking. In fact in a study from Harvard just 4% of the 2015 graduating class said they wanted to work at an investment bank, reported Bloomberg.

Of the 46 students in the top 5% of the class, only one expressed an interest in banking, according to the report.

Banking was no longer sexy!

The world was starting to see the focus moving toward new businesses built on a platform of personalized experience and products, using the internet as the “middleman” was the place to be.

But, The Robots Are Coming!

Let’s not overhype it, but there’s no doubt AI and Robotics are threatening the very existence of commodotised work and so many business world’s that we know are changing rapidly. Our education system, even back in my day, was and is so outdated for the vast majority of opportunities and professions that most Generation Zs remain confused as to the best way forward with their lives.

We know it won’t happen overnight, but we’ve been given due warning! The majority know within the next decade their “commodotised” professional world will be compromised and so we must start playing to our human strengths and looking at new ways to earn our livings.

Employers are beginning to ask, “How can you help solve my problems right now?” They are looking for strength in the core human traits of how we learn, remember, problem-solve, and pay attention, rather than with any actual knowledge ability. Blend this with determination, devotion, and imagination and you can make a real difference within the working world of the future. Companies like Google, Zappos, and even Facebook aren’t worried about where you went to college or your qualifications anymore. They want people who are building the ability to be a chief emotional officer, and ones who posses valuable skills that they’re always building upon.

Leveraging Your Humanity

If you’re concerned that your job might be one day outsourced to technology, the best thing you can do right now is to work on your soft skills. Work on communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving, empathy, and creativity, because for the next few decades at least humans will rule the planet and we will need to continue to find new products and services to cater to our changing expectations.

Understanding & Communication

Artificial Intelligence is infiltrating so much of customer service, however imagine bad news being delivered by a robot or AI. Certainly for a good few years/decades you couldn’t imagine anything deeply rooted in emotion being communicated through a robocall. We are a long way away from any technology that can genuinely recognize human emotions and respond to them appropriately.

Critical Thinking

Could you ever imagine the decision to press the button being left to an AI? A computer judge and jury deciding on your fate? or frankly your Customer’s journey? To me, no matter how advanced our AI may be, we still need a human to make judgments and critical decisions, even to “go with our gut,” in certain situations.

Creativity & Strategy

Any job that requires true creativity, such as writing, engineering, invention, entrepreneurism, artistry, musicianship, etc., are probably safe for a long while based on the latest results. The world needs your understanding of people in order to create new products, services and the strategy that no robot can compete with.

Technology management

The more familiar you are with the technology, the more valuable you will be in helping implement and maintain it. Every past of the professional world, be it factory floor and up and out includes technology hardware and software. Humans are going to be needed to design, install, manage and maintain any robotics, technology, or AI systems.


One thing I can’t imagine an AI or robot ever possessing is Vision. Arguably, it’s that blend of heart and emotion to predict the ways humans are responding to changes before them. It’s that gut feeling! Activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, thought leaders, authors, speakers and others have the distinct advantage over technology — they have vision.

Innovate & Survive

We have been warned!

But we need to start to be cool by thinking about our futures, by innovating and therefore by entering the world of Product Innovation — be that services or hard products utilizing today’s digitalized/internet enabled world. Who knows when AR/VR advances and forms the next internet equivalent revolution, but until that time let’s jump into our human traits to create new ways to deliver what we humans expect and do the ultimate cool job that makes a real difference in this world.

Product Innovation

Today many large enterprises continue defensively, looking toward asset optimization, asset management and cutting costs, but before too long all will respond and hopefully not too late through innovation and offense thinking.

You want to be at the forefront of this positive revolution and one-step ahead of the robots.

Be cool and enter the Product Lifecycle World!

It’s My Passion

To help you, to help businesses bring new and fresh ideas to life and today’s PLM world is the conduit for just that.

If I can help you, I’d love to

My best wishes, Andrew

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