The pandemic has fundamentally changed people’s mobility behavior.

When it comes to our mobility, we are creatures of habit that are not typically easy to change. When it comes to why people travel as well as the top criteria for selecting the transportation mode of choice — both have been impacted by Covid-19, and not just for the short-term.

We’ve adopted new habits: more streaming, more deliveries, more working from home. Plus, we’ve seen a significant drop in greenhouse gases. Mobility players are now expected to expand their online, digital and sustainable offerings.

Many cities have redefined car lanes to…

It’d been an exhausting year in Hong Kong, burning the candle at both ends and learning the work culture, in a very expensive City.

My firm had asked me to move to Sydney as there was a big event coming up, along with the need for someone to work closely with the regional leader and then to move onto South Africa to run the operation.

Australia had never been my first choice as I’d always thought it several years behind the western world culturally and technologically. But, it was another adventure and so why not?

We jumped on the next…

I’d been working just a few years and it had always been, ever since childhood, my ambition to run an international business. I’d been offered a job and it involved relocating to Hong Kong.

I’d checked the place out and was excited. Work hard, play hard was what I’d heard!

I was off to be the General Manager of a Corporate Hospitality business. It meant 50% Restaurant Manager, 50% Sales Manager, with some fun in between.

My role included hiring the sales and operations team, putting in procedures, including the sales and hospitality methodology. …

Why am I so fascinated by cultures around the world?

Today’s world is becoming smaller and smaller. Not because of travel, but because of the internet. Not a day passes without me being face to face with at least 10 different nationals.

With the onset of the pandemic, I stopped traveling and hunkered down in Orange County, CA. It’s like the United Nations here – everyone is from somewhere different and there’s an energy, a story to be told and a consistent sense of gratitude to be in a beautiful place with opportunities to make something of yourself.

Buy an Electric Vehicle: Covid-19 has show us the damage we’re having on our planet

If nothing else, Covid-19 has shown us how much we’re damaging our planet and now is the time to take an extra step, to do our piece in our personal consumerism world.

Transportation is the #1 culprit

So let me jump in and say, now is the moment to move to an Electric Vehicle!

Here we go — come on, all you naysayers, it’s time to push-back on that bold statement. Surely none of you debate any longer, we have global warming?

But, I know there’s plenty out there who’ll react and tell me the Electric Vehicle “well to wheel”…

What’s your smartest device? Is it your Alexa? Or Siri? Your phone, your laptop, maybe you’re wearing a smartwatch?

Well, if you drive a car that’s only a few years old, it’s probably THE smartest “device” you own. Next time around, just wait it’ll be even smarter: its brain will have been through many more miles on the road. It’ll be loaded with more sensors, more connectivity, more processing power and maybe even the ability to drive autonomously (level-3 or 4).

For me and several in my community, we see more disruption over the next 10-years in the Auto sector…

It was all going so well. You were starting to compete in the 4IR, then your innovative new teams went to WFH, to help combat Covid-19.

How can you be effective, when your team is dispersed?

How can they execute on the plan?

How can you maintain your team-working culture?

Today, let’s jump into the fast changing world we live in, suddenly driven by self-isolationism. Yes, we’re all moving for the foreseeable future at least, to working from home.

4IR Vehicles & Collaborative Design with 3DEXPERIENCE

Automotive 4.0 brings huge design challenges, demanding collaboration at unprecedented levels.

The writing is on the wall for the Internal Combustion Engine vehicles. For yet another year, sales are down! Despite a dip in US EV sales last year, we’re seeing a turnaround this year, combined with Europe’s surge as now the largest market in the world.

It looks like the EV market share is finally set to break through the 10% ceiling and thus start to “kill-off” the EV cycnics

Today, we’re looking at the sustainability of the EV thinking, while at the same time balancing long-term the consumer’s…

It was in February 2017 when it shook my little world.

I was set to spend another 48hrs immersing myself in Industry4.0/Smart technologies at the i4.0 Summit.

Then, right at the start of the conference John Kitchingman, the then newly appointed Dassault Systemes, EuroNorth Managing Director had taken the stand to talk Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and mentioned something called the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

As he finished and handed over to another speaker, I was already intrigued by the idea of this new platform to encourage and enable collaborative innovation. …

So, let’s talk about Cloud PLM Cloud computing today, and its ongoing and future exponential growth across the enterprise technologies.

I remember the first time I encountered PLM software, back in 2001, coming out of our SAP-ERP Y2K anti-climax! It was the next big thing in enterprise applications and then it wasn’t!

It evolved into a luxury that in the main, the large enterprises could afford.

Smaller players had only basic tools to help them produce at a competitive price and get their products on time.

Thankfully that has changed.

SaaS cloud solutions have leveled the playing field & so…

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