6 Main Uses Of Industry 4.0 With PLM

Connecting The Enterprise

Product Usage & User Experiences

Product Monitoring

Product Maintenance

The New PLM 4.0 Environment

PLM 4.0 Solutions

  1. Digitalization sits at the heart and is all about extracting customer and business value from digital data.
  2. As for PLM, the impact is profound. Driven by big data information management, information management as we know it today is being re-engineered from top to bottom. Undergoing changes are predictive analytics, data mining, search, digital manufacturing and virtual commissioning, data migration, interoperability, simulation and optimization — not to mention collaboration among people and increasingly intelligent machines.
  3. Platformization is the shift to enterprise strategic and solution platforms. The main point of this type of Platform, is for multiple cross-vendor solutions to be seamlessly deployed using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). As PLM spans from product concept through product life, and integrates people, processes, business systems and information, these capabilities cover activities from engineering and manufacturing to general business functions and they all need capturing in one place for analysis and intelligence.
  4. The Internet of Things is one of the major trends, due not only to the sheer volumes of data extracted, but is transforming how we organize and execute product design, development, manufacturing and maintenance/servitization.
  5. Consider further the true definition of digital transformation with the Digital Twin and the ability to simulate new models, fail and learn is at an unrivaled level.
  6. The Cloud PLM Cloud adoption is accelerating. According to recent reports 95% of manufacturers plan to purchase and deploy a PLM Cloud solution within the next 24 months. The expectation is to improve ROI through performance, scalability and security while providing increased enterprise collaboration with self-service, purpose-built, and role-based applications

Bringing PLM To The C-Suite



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