2020: Why 1st-up, we need a Connected Vehicle

The connected vehicle.

The communication highway

V2V landscape

a world where every vehicle is a connected vehicle

The connected vehicle opportunities

Connected Vehicle monetization

  • Insurance based upon usage — imagine pre or post paid monthly insurance, based upon usage?
  • Real-time parking availability notification and again pre or post paid
  • Maintenance monitoring, which is of course nothing new, however with more software-centric design and electric powered vehicles, the easier remote maintenance will be, using 5G
  • Personalization — pick-up where you left-off! Whatever you were doing in your home or in your office, your car will seamlessly pick-up upon entry
  • Purchasing agility — going somewhere, you’ll either remember what you need or your car will remind you and direct you to its most convenient location, based upon your calendar. It’ll make the purchase and away you go

and then there’s safety

connected vehicle data redefines how we will move

The Connected Vehicle impact

everyone and everything has technology at our fingertips

The challenges

Macro drivers & micro solutions

The connected vehicle is a computer on wheels

Re-design with a changing workforce & approach



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Andrew Sparrow

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